CLASSIC BONDAGE VIDEO from 2000! This throwback is from 2000, a VHS release titled "Real Investigations." This is a show that follows the adventures of real-life hot female private investigators. First up we have the blonde and brunette partners Miranda Capulet and Tabitha Katz. They are being interviewed for the show, detailing how they were hired to check out a jewel thief's house. We cut to Miranda in the darkened house, flashlight in hand looking for clues. Suddenly she's handgagged and wrestled down by a female attacker! Now we see Tabitha coming down the stairs, shining her flashlight here and there and...what's that? She hears some mmphing coming from the living room. She enters, shining her light around and there is her partner Miranda--on the floor tied up and tape gagged! Now it's poor Tabitha's turn to be handgagged by the same, mysterious woman in the house. Now we cut to the living room floor, lights on and we see our two investigators -- tied-up, tape gagged and their pants have been taken! They are in their panties and tops, struggling in bondage! The two damsels in distress roll about on the floor, bound and gagged and really frustrated they've ben bested at their own game! What will happen to them? Does the mystery woman who tied them up return? Find out!


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